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Patience = Success in Every Relationship

Hello Lovers, it’s been a while but I’m back and this time around with a package to benefit every member of the Love Klinic Family. Well for the post of the day, I have a story I will like...

Is it okay to fake you because your partner asked you to??

We all might be leaving in the same world, but we experience different circumstances pertaining to our financial background, jobs, ideas, religious backgrounds and social status. All these characteristics...
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A talk with Sony Omar on the Link between Ms. Right and Sex

Today on Love Klinic Blog we have with us Sony Omar, an actor, model, TV host, Founder and Creative director of AfrikBlaak. As the saying goes “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”,...
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How to find love after a breakup

Breakups are usually one of the worst things to go through in a relationship. More so, when it comes at a time you never expected. Maybe you trusted your partner so much and wished you two could spend...

Happy New Year Lovers – Kiss 2013 Goodbye

Today marks the beginning of a new year, 2014 and this post is probably the first you will see carrying “posted on ../../2014″ on Love Klinic Blog. The first post on Love Klinic Blog was published...

Who is a woman and who is a wife

We always have the feeling that every woman is a potential wife, but that isn’t true. There are women and there are wives. Forget about the physical looks, the dressing code, the language and all rest....
Love-and-Money, who's king

Love and Money, Who’s King?

“Money makes the world go round”. Is this true in love and relationships? Can one start and sustain a healthy relationship without money or with inadequate income? I mean, have you ever tried paying...
The kind of man a woman needs

The Kind of man a woman needs

There are certain things that ladies expect from men in a relationship which if not given to them, shows either they are not being loved or that their man does not care even though it might not be the...