Is it okay to fake you because your partner asked you to??


We all might be leaving in the same world, but we experience different circumstances pertaining to our financial background, jobs, ideas, religious backgrounds and social status. All these characteristics make people say we leave in different worlds. It is most often very difficult seeing people from different social status mingling with those in other classes especially when it concerns things of the heart. Persons from different worlds therefore will find it had coming to gather as couple especially on the part of the high-class individual. In this wise he will want his/her spouse to change and meet up to his dressing code, life style, friends and all that. But then is it really worth you becoming a different person because of another person? Let’s find out.

Anybody who doesn’t love you at your worst sure don’t deserve you at your best.

What did he/she say?: You don’t dress  good enough for him and his friends? You hair styles are not up to date? He can’t come and check on you because you leave in the slums? whatever don’t change because he wants you to or because you want to please him. No be you at all times and if there is any reason for  a change it should not be because of him. if he truly loves you he will look over all those and accept you the way you are. Change they say is the most constant thing in the world yes but if it has to come, it should not be on issues that don’t make you any better but different, and it should not be because of somebody. Trust me, when you are done being different you will regret it and by then it’s going to be late.

Don’t forget you had those that loved you because of who you were.

Everybody has a person that loves and likes and appreciates him or her. So if you are old-fashioned, having a mean job, you are not “swagged out “, not sexy, classy, scent fresh, there is always a person that likes you the way you are. Now changing for one person will mean distorting your friendship circle for that one person who didn’t care about you enough to be proud of you and love you for who you are. There are people who love you the way you are and the reason why they love you is because you are that way, now changing will definitely push some of your old friends away. Because you have become someone different.

What he claims is not yet love.

The idea is if you have not done what you said you would not do because of what you feel for somebody, then trust me you have not loved yet. The person in question might have gotten the most expensive and glamorous life but that does not mean everybody most be that way. If he loves you, he will walk with you on the red carpet and not be afraid of the paparazzi, take you to his parties and all that, introduce you to his friends and walk the most populated streets with you just the way you are in those same ‘rags’ as they will call it. Stop trying to change, meeting up to standards, being expensive and hurting inside over some guy or lady who does not even deserve it. What has he done because he met you? Why doesn’t he start looking broke because he meet you, must you be the one to change?

Faking yourself mean you are living a lie.

Yes, may be you will be fortunate to walk up to the extent of  marriage after you have changed to what he wants but then how far will you keep being somebody else  for him? how long will you keep changing your style, likes and all for one man who does not really even like you the way you are but just cares about the person you should have been. Trust me it won’t last because if he happens to meet the woman he wished you could, he might abandon you for her. What then happens when you’ve lost all your friends and opportunities to be happy with someone else? Stop being somebody else it might be fun in the beginning but at a certain point in time you might get fed up and disappointed in you.

Mind you, I am not talking of bad manners or some very mean characters in a person. I am talking of those things that made you who you are, like your hair styles, your dresses say simple but clean, your jewelries cheap and nice, just to name a few. His problem is not that you don’t look good in them, but that you look cheap and too simple. No, that’s who you are and you like to be that way. So if he loves you let him just encourage that. But then if you have always wanted to be expensive and dress and leave large, and he wants you that way then its fine but don’t want to be that way because of him.

If your friends think you are good and you know you are good, but there is this one person who has drawn the picture of his own you in his heard and wants you to be like that, you don’t have to be that way. Keep being you and he will either get use to you being that way or walk away and stay away like he ought to. You think you love him and can’t help it? You can, because he was never really there for you, but for his own you. It might take time but belief me time heals all wounds.



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    Well sometimes it may be appropriate to fake because of relationships but I also think that there should no hidden secret in relationships.
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