How to find love after a breakup


Breakups are usually one of the worst things to go through in a relationship. More so, when it comes at a time you never expected. Maybe you trusted your partner so much and wished you two could spend the rest of your lives together but suddenly, Mr. Breakup came in.

After a breakup, you might think of hurting yourself, but I’ll like you to know that it’s normal to get hurt and feel bad after a breakup, but hurting yourself is the last thing you should think of. C’mon you’re far better than that, and it shouldn’t be an option to think of.

Now that hurting yourself is not an option, is going back to beg your ex, or becoming a heart breaker a better option? Well, the truth is none of these will actually help and shouldn’t be considered as an option. Your ex broke up with you for a reason, so you shouldn’t prove how desperate you are by begging your ex. If they loved you and were ready to move on with you, no matter what the problem was, talking things out together will have been they plan to move on. Not breaking up. Going back to them will only made them see themselves as kings or queens who you can’t do without. So dear, don’t think of rushing back to your ex.

In line with being a heart breaker, don’t you think you’re going to waste a lot of useful time, putting in a lot of energy you should have used on something else trying to break hearts? What then is the reward. Maybe the thought of “If I break another heart, it will ease my pain and make me feel better” is what’s gonna be running through your head. But that’s not the case, let me explain something to you. If X broke up with you, then you go ahead and break Y’s heart as a sort of revenge, every time you see X happy with Z, you’re going to feel hurt cause you actually hurt Y and not X. So stop spreading your energy trying to hurt others and concentrate on being the best you can.

I guess the question now is “What next should I do after a breakup?”
Moving on is all you got to do. It might be difficult but you really have to move on. Have you forgotten the saying which goes “when one door closes, another opens”. Breaking up means closing one door and definitely, there is another door waiting for you to open. Come to think of it, don’t you think a better door is waiting to be opened? don’t you think it’s time for you to move forward and achieve more successes in life. Maybe your breakup was actually aimed at helping you discover the better side of life.
Not to worry, I’ll explain to you how you can find love after going through a breakup. You just need to be determined and apply the steps I’ll be explaining in the next paragraphs, and that’s it you’ll find love again after a breakup.

Get over your ex

This is the first thing you need to do. You need to get over your ex before you can move on and find love. I’ll not explain how you can get over your ex because I wrote a previous post on this topic. I’ll recommend you read it to better understand how to get over your ex.
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Learn the don’t give up principle

Getting over your ex will only help you break the love link which existed between you and your ex. It’s not going to make you forget all the pain your partner put you through. Don’t fall in the temptation of giving up on love and joining the playboys or playgirls game. You might just end up hurting yourself the more. Only losers quit and I know you ain’t a loser cause you shouldn’t have been reading this post if you actually wanted to give up on love. Congratulations for that.

Get Back on your feet

Did you ever think getting close to friends and relatives after a breakup could be a great step in helping you stand up on your feet? Oh yes, you need to start spending more time with love ones. Ohhh I ain’t talking about your ex so don’t get it twisted :) . I’m talking about your family and friends. Get close to them and avoid being alone behind closed doors. This is just going to cause you more stress than actually heel your worn. Just do all the crazy things you missed doing with your friends and family. Of course you will catch so much fun and will easily get over your ex and be back on your feet.

Learn From your mistakes

We are all humans and do make mistakes everyday. Most often after a breakup, many people get to put the blame on their ex and wish they never had a relationship with such a person in the first place. :D this world’s a funny place cause we hardly think about our mistakes and wrongs but focus more on those of others. Don’t be that way, after a breakup you should ask yourself “what went wrong” till you find answers. Trust me, you can’t grow a better relationship after a breakup without knowing what caused your previous relationship to fail. You might just end up making the same mistakes over and over again. So you really need to analyst your previous relationship, write down all the wrongs and learn from them before diving into a new relationship.

Love yourself the more

Don’t build and live in a world where your happiness depend so much on others. You have the powers to command yourself to be happy even in the saddest moments. Even if your ex called you ugly or a bitch, it shouldn’t be a call for concern because you ain’t close to that. You know what? get a mirror, admire yourself and know you are the best in the world. 6 packs or not, slim or fat, you still remain the best. If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect others to love you? Accept all your flaws and be proud of them. Don’t wish you could be like others, this is a wrong thing to do cause it will make you feel inferior and you will be unable to show the world how beautiful and strong you are. Some people say “the beautiful ones are not yet born”, I’ll oppose this cause you are born. Stand up dear and know that you are the best.

Make and socialize with new friends

Just because one guy was a jerk doesn’t mean all guys are jerks. Make and socialize with new friends. You can’t live like a prisoner because you don’t want to be hurt again. How then are you going to meet your Mr. or Miss Right if you don’t want to make and socialize with new friends? Cheer up, breakups do happen and there should be seen as a step in life we need to pass through before succeeding. Hang out with old friends, and welcome new friends into your life. It’s something very important to do after a breakup.

Be open and honest to yourself

You know you can’t lie to yourself, so always be open and accept the truth. Don’t try to convince yourself that you are in love with someone when you know you are not. If you ain’t sure about something, mediate over it before making decisions. Trust yourself, and try to make your yes stand for “YES” and your no for “NO”. This will not only help you understand yourself better but will also build more trust and confidence in the people around you.

Always ask why

Did he smile or laugh at you? Ask yourself why. You need to always ask why. Those who ask why always get better results and make better decisions. Hey! I didn’t say you should pest your friends and love ones all the time with why why why why stuff :D . What I mean is that you should always meditate within yourself on every step you or your environment makes. If he starts calling you 5 times a week and sends you gifts every Saturday, ask yourself why he does allĀ  that. Don’t get carried away and enjoy all he sends without trying to find out why. Avoiding to ask why might just be building another foundation for the getting hurt story to happen again. You need to ask why not only to the moves they make, but also before you make a single move. Know why you need to make the move and be sure of where it will lead you to before doing it.

Start dating all over again

Now it’s time to jump into the dating world all over again. Start a new relationship and grow it from scratch. Build a Foundation which will help you live a happy and fulfilling life.
I’ll recommend you read a previous article on how to grow a healthy relationship.
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Grow a better relationship

Love Klinic has as slogan “Redefining Love, Growing Better Relationship”. So it’s time for you to grow a better relationship. A relationship not like that of Romeo and Juliette, but a new relationship with your own definitions.

Now I’ll push the ball to you

How do you think you can build a solid relationship based on your own definition of love?
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Thanks for always being there to read what I publish.
Love You !!!



  1. January 15, 2014 at 8:22 am #

    It would be really hard to find another love after breakup because he loose trust on others. You’ve shared wonderful information about it.

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    • January 15, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

      Hello Samir,

      Good to see you here again. Hope everything is moving well with you and your blog.

      You are right, so many people really loose trust in all after being hurt but as I said earlier, because one guy was a jerk doesn’t mean all guys are jerks. We just need to move on after a heart break.

      Thanks for stopping by, do have a great day
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