Patience = Success in Every Relationship

Hello Lovers, it’s been a while but I’m back and this time around with a package to benefit every member of the Love Klinic Family.
Well for the post of the day, I have a story I will like to share with you. It’s really educative so pay attention and read every line of it.

The story…

A lady had a dog………This dog was so faithful that the woman could
leave her baby with it & go out to attend other matters.
She always returned to find the child soundly asleep with the dog faithfully watching over him..
One day something tragic happened.
The woman as usual, left the baby in the “hands” of this faithful dog & went out shopping. When she returned, she discovered rather a nasty scene, there was a total mess.
The baby’s cot was dismantled; his nappies & clothes torn to shreds with bloodstains all over the bedroom where she left the child & the
dog. Shocked, the woman wailed as she began looking for the baby.
Presently, she saw the faithful dog emerging from under the bed.
It was covered with blood and licking its mouth as it had just finished a delicious meal.
The woman went berserk & assumed that the dog had devoured her baby. Without much thought she clubbed the dog to death.
But as she continued searching for the “remains” of her child, she beheld another scene.
Close to the bed was the baby who, although lying on bare floor, he was safe. And under the bed the carcass of a jackal torn to pieces in what
must have been a fierce battle between it & the dog which was now dead.
Then reality hit the woman who now began to understand what took place in her absence. The dog fought to protect the baby from the
ravenous jackal. It was too late for her now to make amends
because in her impatience and anger, she had killed the faithful dog. A dog deserving praise & adoration, that fought to save the life of her dear beloved child received death in return!

The Morals of this story

Such and interesting fictitious story right? Though not something real cause a woman can’t leave her baby in the “hands” of a dog :D , there is so much behind the story to learn from. So much to make us understand who we are, what we do, and how our dids affects our environment and the people who love and care about us.

Looking back at the story,
“The dog was a caring dog who fought for the life of the child but was paid back with death”.
Ask yourself these question, how many times have you judged and killed your love ones with words or actions only to find out later that they were innocent?

Okay, lets assume it’s 5:00pm on your birthday and you haven’t received a happy birthday message or call from your girlfriend who leaves 200miles away from you. You immediately pick up your phone and text her, telling her this. “I taught you cared about me, but you have proven not to care……. I just hate you now”.  Two hours later, you discover that your girlfriend had an accident earlier that day while traveling  to give you a surprise happy birthday visit and is presently hospitalized. How do you think she will feel after reading your message, and how are you gonna live with what you said in your message?
Just like the angry woman who killed her faithful dog out of anger, you will have killed your girlfriend with those words cause you denied being patient for a few minutes.

Lets assume another case where you decide to go through fiance’s phone book and read his messages. You come across a message which says “I will send you $1500 to buy that human hair and that Iphone, Love you” which was sent to “My One and Only”. You immediately pick up your phone, copy the number and write a nasty message saying “Hey slut, ……. Keep away from my man bitch” and send it. A few minutes later, your fiance’s mother calls her son and explains what she just recieved from you. It’s then that you realize “My One and Only” is actually his mother who is presently in the states. And the $1500 was actually to acquire human hair and an Ipone to surprise you with on your birthday. How are you going to feel after doing such and what impression would you have given your him and his mother? Maybe all what you will have built in years will be destroyed in a day cause you were not patient for just a few minutes.

There are so many other instances which I have not mentioned where due to our impatient altitude, you break and kill our relationships.

Relationships are like the dog in our story. By default, a relationship is honest, truthful, happy, forgiving, faithful and so much more. But we turn to give it our own definitions because we just don’t want to be patient for a few minutes. If we want our relationships to last longer and remain healthier, we must learn to handle situations like grown ups and make wise decisions which have positive consequences. We must learn to control our anger and chew our words 7times before we let them out. Every relationship can last and be an icon to others, it just matters how we decide to make ours be.


If the woman in the story was patient for 5 minutes, her faithful dog will have lived and watched over her baby for so many more years but due to her anger, she killed all what she had built in years.
We have built a relationship which people cherish, admire and envy but much is needed to keep the relationship healthy and strong. And that’s being patient. Whenever you feel like you’ve been hurt and pushed to the wall, just ask yourself this question “What do I want? a healthy relationship or a breakup”, then you’ll be a step to making the right decision.

Bonus: The Do’s and Don’t in a relationship

Good luck in your relationships and hope you don’t continue being the woman who killed her dog. I will like to know what you think about the story, morals and characters in article. Thanks so much for reading and hope you share it with your friends and love ones on social media.



    May 12, 2014 at 5:31 am #

    Its really nice and kind of you to be a solution to peoples problem especially me. Am happy and thanks a million times for the few advice have had many relationship but does not work out wit words like this i can amend my mistakes and pls keep advicing us more.

    • May 12, 2014 at 11:42 am #

      Thanks so much Abgor for stopping by and reading the articles I write. It’s true that it doesn’t normally work out with words like this but it if an effort is made, your relationship can reach the next level you’ve always dreamed of.
      Hoping to see you again on my blog.
      Do have a lovely week ahead
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