The DO’s and DONT’s in a Relationship

dos-and-dontsRelationships these days always come with a lot of questions. Questions which might end up confusing us. Sometimes, we turn to act, behave or do the wrong things in our relationship which later becomes very catastrophic. Relationships are supposed to be calm, quiet and peaceful. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So, the question is: how do you elevate your relationship to the mountaintop where all of that is possible? The next paragraphs focuses on teaching you the Do’s and Don’t in a relationship and this is exactly what you need to elevate your relationship to the mountaintop.

Don’t ask whether the relationship will “work out”

At times you spend time asking irrelevant questions which have very little to play in your relationships. Questions like “Is this relationship going to work out?. When you build a relationship on such questions, you turn to forget about the importance of building a happy and fulfilling life with your partner and focus more on designing a plan B. You may start thinking of looking for a backup(another person) so that you wouldn’t go through pains if your present relationship turns out to be a mess. I’m sure you know the future of such relationships. They will be little or no trust, and knowing that they is always a plan B, will make you ignore the original plan of building a successful relationship with your partner.

What to DO
Do ask what you can do to better the relationship. See your relationship as the best in the world and ask yourself what you can do to make it better. This way, you will be focusing on building a stronger and healthier relationship. When you start thinking this way, you start feeling more secured and also become determined to get the best out of your relationship. It’s a great step you need to take. So stop asking if your relationship will work out and start asking what you can do to make it better.

Don’t Step Back

At times, it’s tempting to want to step back when your partner is struggling. This struggles may be due to financial crisis or family and it might be the worst moments you’ve ever seen your partner in. During such moments, you’ll obviously ask yourself questions of “what I’m I suppose to do now?” or “How I’m I going to cope with such situations.” The Borden isn’t yours and walking away from the relationship might make you feel relief. But this is a temptation you should never fall into. Don’t step back when your partner needs you most.

What to DO
If your partner is experiencing challenging times, simply listen to their fears and frustrations without judgment. Stay present with them as they work through their struggle, reminding them that they are loved and supported by you. Be determine and ready to see them walk out of the problems in life with you being part of the game.

Don’t always put the blame on them

At times you might get into a fight with your partner which eventually might put you in a situation of frustration and disappointment. This might cause you to see only the wrong in them and believe they caused the problem. What usually happens is that, you turn to ignore the little mistakes you made that could have led to the fight. So Don’t always put the blame on them.

What to DO
If you’re feeling frustrated or disappointed with your partner, instead of pointing a finger of blame, turn the attention back on yourself and then, lead by example. Be the best “you” that you can be!

Don’t expect a miracle

Don’t expect miracles.  If you haven’t heard from your love interest for six months and the last time you spoke they told you they were moving on, don’t expect the reading to reveal they will contact you in a week with apologies and professions of true love.  Not going to happen.  Stop asking.

What to DO
Do ask what you can do to heal and move on.  When a relationship ends it can take a good while to sort it out within ourselves, to grieve its passing and the death of our hopes.  We miss the other person.  It hurts.  We’re angry.  We need closure.  This is a process and sometimes we need direction and assurance. Learn to get over your ex and move on. Remember that when one door closes, another one opens just that at times we concentrate a lot on the closed-door that we forget to see the opened one.

The DO’s and DON’Ts are one of the most important things we need to focus on in a relationship.
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  1. December 11, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    Hello Ngah,

    These tips shared here will sure improve any relationship…even the ones hitting the rocks. I wish I could add something…but there is none – this post is quite thorough.

    Do have a great day!

    - Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…SECRETS OF THE RICH, WEALTHY AND FAMOUSMy Profile

    • December 11, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

      Hello Akaahan,
      It’s good to see you around. Hope everything has been moving well at your end.
      I’m glad the tips are really of help and and sure I always try to give my loyal readers like you the insight of how I feel about an issue.
      You will obviously have something to add some other time bro.
      Do have a great week ahead.
      Ngah Benoit recently posted…Three things that can KILL a relationshipMy Profile

  2. December 13, 2013 at 11:52 am #


    Nice tips mate, yes you are right about each and every points mentioned above. The first step for Dos shall be always be the first one to apologize and don’t step back. And the relationships will be longer.

    Vicky recently posted…Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014My Profile

    • December 18, 2013 at 2:23 am #

      Hey Vicky,
      It’s good to see you here today. I love the apologize part of making a relationship work. It’s something so many people ignore. They fail to understand that you just need to apologize for everything wrong thing you do, no matter how small it may be.
      Thanks bro for stopping by,
      Do have a wonderful Christmas Vacation
      Ngah Benoit recently posted…The DO’s and DONT’s in a RelationshipMy Profile

  3. moura
    December 23, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    hello Ben, my relationship is at the point of sinking now lately my boy friend started behaving funny when i talked with him, he said his old girl is forcing herself back on him and he is confused on who to settle with.i have asked so many questions but no answers he just will not tell me any thing,all he says is he loves me yet with the funny altitude.i have been with him for eighteen months i don’t know what to do.

    • December 23, 2013 at 11:58 am #

      Hello Moura,
      I think your present situation should not put you through stress. The first thing you need to do is to pull back a little and relax. Why I say so is cause if your boyfriend is thinking of leaving you because of his ex, then he obviously is in a confused situation and he’s the only one to get himself out of the situation.

      Instead of asking him not to leave you, you should examine yourself and try to find out what you might have done wrong that will make him think of leaving you.
      If you find something wrong, then try to talk things out with him but if you don’t, just let him be.
      You know it is very important to be with someone who appreciates you and knows what he has when he has when he has you, than to be with someone who is dating you out of pitty. If he chooses his ex over you, I’ll suggest you learn to get over him and move on.

      You might convince him to be with you today but tomorrow is not guaranteed. So let him make the decision on who to be with and try to respect it.

      If he chooses you, then try to be the best in the relationship, so that he ain’t gonna think of leaving you again sometime in the future.

      Do have a wonderful Christmas Holiday Moura
      Ngah Benoit recently posted…Love and Money, Who’s King?My Profile

  4. April 1, 2014 at 3:33 pm #

    For me i don’t want a relationship now & consoling yourself by assuming that it is not the right time to fall for someone is the best way for staying away from a relationship.
    Anyway Good Luck buddy :)
    Jahnavi recently posted…Top 10 Best Innings in Cricket T20 World CupMy Profile


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