The Kind of man a woman needs

The kind of man a woman needs

The kind of man a woman needs

There are certain things that ladies expect from men in a relationship which if not given to them, shows either they are not being loved or that their man does not care even though it might not be the case. Men are not magicians to know what their woman wants, and some women just prefer not to let their man know what they want but expect him to be perfect. This article will not be talking definitely to every woman, but to a regular woman. This is a woman who is not an extremist or with very low standards.

A woman will need a man who understands her

She needs a man to know what she means whenever she explains things out to the man in a discussion or in an argument (not necessarily a quarrel). What kills most relationship is communication which will be hampered if the man most often does not understand the woman and complains or looks at her ideas to be weak and her explanations or excuses to be flimsy. Nobody will want to talk to a person when she already knows that what she says will definitely mean nothing. She will rather prefer to keep quiet. It should be noted that you can’t understand a person when you don’t pay attention and listen. So definitely a man needs to pay attention, and listen to understand his woman.

A woman needs a man who respects her

 She will not want a man who shouts or talks about her weaknesses in front of the kids or their friends, or a man who will be flirting with other ladies not necessarily in front of her but in a place where either her or her friends  will see and definitely get to her. She needs a man who will do what he has to do that will not be pleasing to the lady in absolute secrecy and if he is discovered he should be remorseful. For example going to grab a drink with a friend the man knows she does not like.

A woman needs a man who is not a man just physically but also in his attitude

No regular woman will want a man whose friends keep telling him what to and what not to do. Also it will not be pleasing to know that the man can’t make decisions for their relationship on his own but that he is always been influenced by his friends. It will make her feel like he is less of a man and that is definitely not what she wants for herself. She needs a man who can stand up for her, defend her and tell off anybody who tries to step on him, his believes or his woman. She will in that case always feel protected and secured.

A woman needs a smart man

The type that will know when u are telling a lie or the truth, who will know when u are trying to play him, and who takes very smart and skillful decisions. Not a man who is wrong in all he does except he gets foreign aid or a man who his friends, family or herself can play on his intelligence at will.

A woman needs a responsible man

No woman wants to be with an irresponsible man. A woman needs someone who is responsible in all aspects of his life. Being responsible gains you respect and self-confidence and that’s the kind of man she needs. She doesn’t want a man who spends half of his income on drinks and can’t put food on the table. She wants someone who is responsible in all aspects of life.

The above mentioned points are just some of the things women need from men. There are a lot more. I’ll like to know what you think about these points and also what other things you know women need from men which were not mentioned in the post. Please use the comment box below and don’t forget to LIKE, TWEET, and GOOGLE+ this post.



  1. December 18, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    Hi bro,
    Now that you have delivered what women want from men, I guess it will be prudent to deliver what men want women. Hahaha!

    And you verily well know that I am going to be a flop on that. Thanks anyway for those tips and as usual I have learnt my lessons from this.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Some Interesting LIES in Blogging.My Profile

    • December 18, 2013 at 10:17 am #

      Yeah Bro,
      Ofcourse, I will deliver what men want from women. :) You know they always say “Ladies First”, that’s why I gave delivered theirs first.
      Watch out for upcoming articles and you’ll get What men want from women.
      Do have a great holiday bro
      Ngah Benoit recently posted…The Kind of man a woman needsMy Profile

  2. May 9, 2014 at 5:30 am #

    Well I think women needs only a person which is friendly and now here completely so that she can spent here life with him.
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